Greg’s Art

“Curious” is truly the exacting word that describes artist Greg Ferrando. Greg quit high school after three years, joined the U.S. Army and returned to Germany where he lived as a child.


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Greg and one of his paintings

In 1963 his curiosity for a young German woman led him to the altar. Discharged from the Army, Greg and Doris moved to the bay area where he started a business as a painting contractor.

Far from the unusual married, Greg and Doris walked to the unusual beat. She passionate about organic gardening and foods, he in constructing their own home and cottages. A bit eccentric at times, Greg is always willing to stretch for anything that satisfies his curiosity.

One day, a few years ago, he got a phone call from a Point Reyes neighbor saying Sam Francis, a world famous painter, had died. Would Greg like the artist’s paints?

Thinking the caller meant buckets of house paint, Greg was shocked to see plastic containers of true color acrylic paints of the highest quality. Encouraged by his neighbor, Chuck Eckart, a well-known California artist, Greg climbed a stepladder and started experimenting – throwing and splashing a rainbow of color acrylics on canvas. He was having a ball and when the first sale came, he was shocked.

Some of Greg’s paintings are in Germany, England, Michigan and California.


Ferrando’s Hideaway

31 Cypress Rd.
P.O. Box 688
Point Reyes Station, California (CA) 94956

Phone: (415) 663-1966

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